Wednesday, 10 March 2010

When I bored...

When I'm bored I don't know what doing.

I go up to my studio and I begin to making things. Principally I get my personal computer and my mind and I do them work together.

I feel comfortable in my studio. I can seeing Sierra Nevada, Granada, La Alhambra and all town around my house. The panorama is wonderful. At night all is illuminated and Granada is beautiful from my terrace.

I stay hours and hours in my studio with the PC, working, drawing, or simply hearing music.

Last weekend I invented making a big solitaire game on my table. But it didn't a real game. It was an unreal game. I did some shots and with some imagination and some time, I made the image that it is on the top.

Next I sent to Internet, in Panoramio's page and there lot of friends made me lot of commentaries.

They are in the next address:

Internet is a funny tool. I spend lot of hours of my life time connected to Internet. By work and by fun.

My photography, on the top, I did it myself how other things I think, casually. When I am bored, My mind working about all things I think. And when I get a good idea, I make it with my PC.

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