Sunday, 14 March 2010

My sister-in-law is a great woman.

I knew mi sister-in law after I knew my wife.

She is a big woman... well, no, I mean she is a great woman, really she is a little person but a big heart.

Is for this reason because of I wanted to do this picture. Some years ago, we went to La Calahorra, the village in which her husband was born many years ago.

There were the holidays and in this age, people like to run ahead the bulls through the town. It is an old custom. After that, people play bullfight bulls.

I thought a good idea was to build this picture as a sign of her courage ahead of the life.

The party is very funny but It is difficult seeing the show because people fill all the voids. It is a good festival to see shoes and shin in all colours.

Some people, who are the friend of the Mayor, can see the show from the balcony of City Hall.

If I had been friend of the Mayor..., I would had seen the show a little tight!!!

Finally I put here a picture of all show with a little joke by “errece”.

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