Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I have not ideas, my PC neither

Hi friends. Today I have not idea. I sat in front my computer and I don't occurred me no idea. Perhaps, this new year , the Three Kings haven't brought ideas to me. They have been some presents from my family, and that presents have been very pleasant. Every year is the same, but the children learn new things with which they surprise us, me and my wife both.
This year have been similar to last year but also different.
But I remember that they, The Three Kings haven't brought no ideas to me. It isn't very important, the ideas need to be worked and I will do working hard to my brain for the ideas come into it.

Well. Here above there is an idea to start although the idea is the last year. I will bring some as soon as possible.
 One more thing. I have learnt a new gag: Putting "street view" inside the blog. This is my neighbourhood park:

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