Saturday, 12 December 2009

Merry Christmas to all people.

At the begin was the most important: the idea.
I thought I needed making a congratulations for my friends, as in last years.
Some days ago I had some ideas but an idea particularly interested me enough. When I am very occuped, is when I have more ideas. I explain. I think when I have more work, my brain is boiling and more ideas born to it. Is in these days when I have more confortable. Well, here is my idea for Christmas:

It was make a Belén wiht the PC. What's a "Belén"?In Spain there a nice custom in Christmas. In the most homes, the family make a representation of the days when Jesus born in Belen, in Israel, 2.000 years ago. This is a familiar representation with lots of clay figures who accompanying in this blog.

This is an old tradition. You can see more about the history in this web.

In my family the tradition go from I was a baby. My father showed me to making a Belen and I showed my children to making it.

In my Belen there are lots of figures.


The first in the Belen is the Start because it tell us about the birth of Jesus.
In my Be there are lots of figures:

There are a lot of kind of shepherds . Here are some.

Some shepherds bring gifts to baby Jesus., and others just tend sheep.

There are some woman which bring gifts and others work.

All these figures represent the common people. Women and men that they like living a simple life and they love their family and don't like wars and they don't like conflict.

They all people love life in pace with other people.

There are more figures that represent some jobs. There are bakers, shepherds, bucheres, woodsmen, fishermen, etc...
Women and men with their daily work feed their families and nothing more. The life is not necessarily more complicated.

Most people do not need so much as they think, but we had built a complicate way of life.

But we continue with our Belen.

There are other singular figures how Herodes. Herodes was the worst King in the Belen because the history say he murderer all children of Israel for eliminate the profecy... but he was wrong because María and Jose went to Belen before killing.

I don't like the Power. I think the Power sooner or later abused. Is for this raison that I include in this part the Caganet. I don't like either this figure and I put them together.

The animals... Today there are the most sufferers in the world because of the greed of men. In my Belen there are some animals: sheeps, goats, ducks, ox, hens, rabbits, etc... All animals are "good people" as I say (I like make you laugh = ;-)).

I feel sorry for them becose the Man is believed the center of universe and don't thinks about other species of nature.

Well, let's...

They are the ultimate representation of the faith (believe without see ).

Today every people beliebe nothing. We are in a mistake. The best of life is believe without see. This is a demonstration of infinite confidence. The Three Kings are the greatest example of this philosophy of life. And the children are the main representatives of the same.

The illusion that children have in the Three Kings would be an example for adults.

Finaly here is the mistery:

The Mistery is the most significant. It is represented for María, the mother, José, the father, the donkey, the ox and, finally, Jesús, the baby.

This is all... well, this isn't all. Also there are the family, my children, my wife, my sisters, etc... Without all these things this could make no sense.
But, finally is my wish to show you the Belén who I make, with my children and my wife, in my house every year, in Christmas. This is it:
Here is how made the Mistery in my computer.

Merry Christmas to all people. errece.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My PC and I.

My computer and I. We are a good team. Sometime we work as if we were one.
A night, I dreamed that my computer could be transparent and I could see trough the monitor. It's imposible! I think.

Some days after, while I was working at home, in my living room, I saw how the monitor could be transparent and I set to work with my camera and playing a lot of with the computer and the camera I got a mix of shot that allowed me make a singular image of my computer.

My computer makes me work to it...

It shouldn't be. My computer is very clever. Sometime I think it is the cleverest of both. Ever is possible I could be the clearest of both and that day I turn of the computer and then I'll be, safely, the cleverest.